Saturday, 8 January 2011

Exploring Melbourne

Before my recent trip to Melbourne, I hadn't been since I was really young - I think over 10+ years ago, so this time I really enjoyed exploring the place.

One place that a work colleague (Melbourne is her home down) recommended was Degraves Street. Every little lane way in Melbourne has something interesting to find.

Degraves Street was chockers full of little cafes - I loved it! 

We settled for RMB Cafe, practically the only place we could find a seat, it was packed everywhere!


Atlantic Salmon - Toast with salmon and avocado sort of scrambled/omelette style with extra sausage... this was so good <3 definitely love cafe food and Melbourne has plenty!

Flinders Street Station - It was great weather for exploring, cool but sunny.  The first day we arrived though, it was freezing and icy and I didn't bring enough clothes! Luckily it did warm up the second day and the weather was perfect.

Yarra River

Picture perfect - and so easy to get around!

On a boat ride on the Yarra

Couldn't resist a gelato on the walk back to the hotel

Crown Casino

And *squeee* gorgeous horsies that were everywhere!

So yeah... basically I'm in love with Melbourne now. Fantastic cafes and shopping, not as crowded as Sydney and sooo easy to get around. Will have to re-visit soon! 

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