Thursday, 27 January 2011

Kingsley's Steak & Crabhouse - Civic, Canberra

What's an Australia Day meal without some form of beef? It was a scorching day in Canberra and the Canberra Centre provided some form of air-conditioned relief. 

Lunch was at Kingsley's Steak & Crabhouse at the North Quarter.

The menu consists of mainly steak and seafood (as you can no doubt already tell by the name of the place!) 

And of course, when on holidays - it's cocktail time! 

Gundooee Organis Wagyu pie - with mash and peas

Ultimate comfort food

Grilled Hervey Bay King Prawns - with chorizo, parmesan aioli and gremolata

This was good too, but let's not lie.  My heart was with the pie.

Ground Floor
North Quarter, Canberra Centre

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