Friday, 28 January 2011

Picnic time & Goodberry's

It's been beautiful weather lately, it actually feels like summer! Perfect time for a picnic by Lake Burley Griffin.

It was actually pretty funny - we weren't prepared at all even though my friend and I 'planned' ahead to have a picnic (planning being talking about it and agreeing to do it mostly, and not much else) so we went picnic rug shopping at 1am the night before at the 24 hour Kmart! 

Lovely view of the lake - with views of the Carillon, Questacon, National Library and Parliament House

Our spread - including chicken and pesto pasta salad, dip, fruit salad & thai fish cakes

And naturally I was looking for some dessert afterwards in the form of delicious Goodberry's

Mmmm fudge

It's Canberra's version of Cold Rock - with frozen custard a.k.a a concrete, either vanilla or chocolate and then choose your toppings

The list of choices

And wait...

There's too much to choose from and I always want everything

My mix - marshmallow fudge and almonds

I really like the Butternut one too - butterscotch fudge and macadamias, but the possibilities are endless!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I love picnics but always seem to get rained on when I plan one!

And what would we do if there weren't such innovations as 24-hour trading K-marts?!

missklicious said...

Rita - The sky actually looked pretty sad that morning, but then went away and it was all bright and shiny. Perfect!

I know - I wish more things were open late. Sydney is pretty good in that regard...Canberra is like a ghost town past 9pm on a good day LOL

24 hr Kmart rocks! You do see some odd people there at that time of the night though :P

Anonymous said...

Ha! You think Canberra is a ghost town! I'm dying! I moved from Canberra to the black hole that is Nowra and one of the main things I've missed is Goodberry's! It was always the perfect dessert after one of the many, many dinner options. . God I miss civilisation... xox