Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Thai Spice - Woden, Canberra

Thai is such a fantastic option for a lazy weekend dinner, and Thai Spice in Woden proves to be quite a popular choice, with the place to capacity before 7pm on a Saturday night.

The staff are very friendly and chatty and even though it's busy, it's not hard to get their attention

Coconut juice quenches my thirst on a balmy night and is my usual drink of choice when offered on the menu 

Fish cakes

Saffron coconut rice - so delicious but filling! This was a serving for one, but we shared it between 2 and it was more than enough

Yellow chicken curry - very moreish with the rice, with plenty of fall apart tender chicken and potatoes

And for dessert - couldn't go past the mango and sticky rice, especially when mangoes are like $5 each at the moment!

Thai Spice
93 Corinna Street
Phillip ACT 2602
Ph: (02) 6282 6011


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOOOOOOVE Thai!!! Now I want Thai but we're having spaghetti tonight wah!!! Maybe the girls and I can order it for work tomorrow night. Yay! Thanks for the comment on my blog, the floods are breakign my heart :(

thesydneygirl said...

happy new year! :)


for the love of beauty by lara said...

ur blog is making me hungry! lol

missklicious said...

Thanks girls =D