Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I'm 24 today!  

It feels pretty uneventful this year, mainly due to it being mid-week, and having to work too.

Some early birthday treats for breakfast - including those macarons I mentioned on Twitter (they were my birthday breakfast!)

Tartlets from the Canberra Southside markets - cherry and almond, pinepple, and choc macadamia

Dream Cuisine raspberry tart - OMG, I loved this! The raspberries were so juicy and sweet. Yum.

Dream Cuisine strawberry tart

And they had this savoury tart which I thought I'd give a whirl - goats cheese and capsicum, was very good!

And of course, I've mentioned before that I think Dream Cuisine makes the best macarons:

They have the most adorable mini macarons, which are exactly the same as their bigger versions. One of each, please!

They were all fantasic. I can't pick a favourite....

Had a lovely birthday morning tea too, with white chocolate and raspberry mud cake

And made the trip back to Canberra, got in at around 9:30pm and was so exhausted!

A surprise cake waiting at home, from the Flute Bakery of course, and another white chocolate and raspberry cake! topped with gorgeous macarons

This was soooo good <3

So it's been a quiet one, and non eventful, though I am going out for a birthday lunch on Friday at WatersEdge, so that should be great!


Corrina said...

Happy Birthday! All those things look soooo delicious, epecially the mini macarons! I hope you had a wonderful day and an even better year ahead :)

John B. Marine said...

Happy 24th birthday, Karen! I don't visit your blog often (I am followed), but I do wish you great happiness and joy on this special day in your life.

Make a wish and blow out the candles on the birthday cake, birthday girl! :)

carina said...

happy birthday! keep up with your interesting blogs! :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Happy Birthday Karen and many happy returns and many delicious cakes! I hope you had a great one! :D

juznie said...

Happy Birthday :) Your desserts look amazing, enjoy!

Lil said...

Happy Birthday!
You were definitely spoilt today XD

Pink Penguin said...

Happy Birthday!! So much yummy food!!! xxx

missklicious said...

Wow, thanks so much for the birthday wishes everyone! x

mashi said...

Happy birthday dear, sounds like you had an awesome one =)

missklicious said...

Mashi - Thanks hun :)