Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Alannah Hill sale haul

So Alannah Hill finally had her further 20% off sale at the outlets, and I'd been waiting for it for a while and went a little crazy!

Cutest skirt ever with polka dots and bows


Lilac cardi

Love the heart print on this!


panda said...

i love all your purchases! very pretty and very girly :)

Anonymous said...

bow skirt is soooo cute. I never see their stuff on sale!!

juznie said...

I always like your haul posts, you have good taste.

the polka dot skirt is too cuuute!


ohh that is the cutest skirt! great picks!

missklicious said...

panda - Thanks! AH has the prettiest things :)

prettyprettyyumyum - They have sales from time to time, and the outlet has all their discounted stuff, which has a 20% off sale every so often too

juznie - I love the polka dot skirt, it's so adorable!

FASHION ICE - Thanks hun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, where is this outlet? How much are items generally? Thanks hun xx

missklicious said...

Hey hun,

I visited the AH outlet at DFO in Canberra, but there's one at Birkenhead Point in Sydney, and the Clear It outlet is in Melbourne.

Items are at least 50% off RRP, sometimes more, and they have further 20% off sales every now and then.

Hope that helps!