Sunday, 6 March 2011

The First Emperor: Terracotta Warriors Exhibition

So I managed to get myself to the Terracotta Warriors exhibition at the Sydney Art Gallery after talking about it for ages, and never getting around to going.  Well it just recently finished, and I'm so glad I got the chance to go!

Outside the gallery - it was a Saturday so it was a full house

A display in the main area of the gallery - there were no pictures allowed in the actual exhibition, so sorry, no photos! It was amazing though, you were able to see the warriors and horses up close and it was breathtaking the amount of detail in them, and how life like they are! I think each one took about 150 days each, so you can imagine the length of time it took for the numerous pits of the rows and rows of them...

It was also quite interesting to read the story behind it all.

Lunch was at the art gallery where they had a special asian menu for this exhibition:

Dumplings - as it was so busy, the food took forever to come out and the dumplings ended up being the fastest since they were ready made and you just collect them from the courtyard

Egg tart

My sad looking iced coffee
Chicken san choy bow

And my souvenir from the shop

Pink silk dragon kite

Not sure if I'll actually attempt to fly it outside though, but it's pretty!

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