Thursday, 14 April 2011

Blue skies

It was such beautiful weather last week. It felt like summer! I even pulled out the shorts from my wardrobe. I went for a wander around Circular Quay (ice cream was mandatory of course!)

Easter goodies from Just William on William Street in Paddington - I'll be back for you easter eggs!

Bought the sweetest pineapple from the fruit shop in Paddington - I'm still craving it now! 

Had a look in Colette and found some more pretty shiny things:

Pearl headband - this one actually looks decent on me because the pearls are smaller! yay!

Butterfly ring



These were all 50% off except for the headband, so they worked out to only be a couple of $ each. Bargain!


Corrina said...

That pineapple looks delicious, seriously craving it now!

mashi said...

Love sweet pineapple, it's nearly the best fruit ever!

The movie Ex was pretty good, I thought its thought provoking and gives an interesting insight. See it if you can.

GretchTM said...

Nice rings!!

missklicious said...

Corrina - It was so good! I bought some yesterday from a different place, and it just wasn't as sweet :(

mashi - I know! It's definitely up there. Ahh, will have to watch it.

GretchTM - Thanks hun :)