Friday, 27 May 2011

Melbourne purchases take two

I know, I know! I'm lagging behind with the Melbourne posts, but this is pretty much the last of it.

There were many awesome bargains at DFO to be had, it seemed like perfect timing as there were sales galore, but by the end of each day, I was all shopped out and literally could not be bothered to try on anything... 

I did manage to buy these before I lost interest:

From Portmans

Lace back dress in blush

And these 2 cute skirts from Portmans as well:

Peter Alexander had 60% off but they had all crummy stuff at Moorabbin which was disappointing, but then we went to South Wharf the next day and I picked up heaps of stuff:

PA Haul


Pyjama set

With all special looking bunnies :P

Sausage dog pyjama set

Comes with this cute frilly top

Paris nightie <3 love this!

And bought this this day wear top with black lace detail on the sleeves

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