Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mulgrave Farmer's Market - Mulgrave, Victoria

Day 2 of my Melbourne trip was a nice and early trip to the Mulgrave Farmer's Market for breakfast. We had a bit too much fun exploring and buying everything in sight.

Homemade biscuits where you could pick a selection 5 for $10

One thing that I love about farmer's markets is there are always cute doggies galore <3

Slices stall

I couldn't resist this one, and caved in... more on that later ;)

Couldn't resist this one either - yummy savoury sandwiches and pastries

The sweetest strawberries - we bought 3 family sized punnets

Nuts and other nibbly things

Sweet pastries

Gorgeous dog with the cutest army coat tehehe

This stall had these amazing skewers... Mmmm

My breakfast - smoked salmon and roasted vegetable pastry, it was delish!

And a very lovely flaky apricot croissant for brekky "dessert"

This pug was so adorable. He was barking like crazy, but you could barely hear him because it was so soft. Hahaha

Our strawberry haul

And my slices - I got vanilla slice, caramel slice, ferrero rocher bite and hedgehog slice, they were all fantastic!! (Don't worry, I didn't eat them all in one go! Some made the journey back to Sydney... I swear)

My coffee fix

mini jams from the berry stall

Corner Jackson and Wellington Road
Every Sunday 8am - 1pm


hollypop said...

i do love a farmers market. coffee, treats, amazing produce.. puppies! love!

Immashoesaddict said...

HAHAHA yes..someee made it back ..LIKE HALF WAY THROUGH THE PLANE TRIP??? :P OMGG we should do it again babe hehehehe!

Julie said...

more to add on my list :D

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love Farmers markets and you're right, there are always so many cute dogs! I was at the Pyrmont Growers Market on the weekend and there were SO many! :D

mashi said...

I love markets and this one has so many amazing things. Love the savoury and sweet balance.

I was also at the Pyrmont Growers Market over the weekend too Lorraine!

missklicious said...

hollypop - exactly! what's not to love about them? hehe

Imma - LOL, they made it back home :P for a day or so heheh yesss, very soon!!

Julie - hehe your list must be getting quite long :P

Lorraine - I was there as well! I love the Pyrmont markets too <3

mashi - Everything was sooo tasty. Love the amazing produce at the markets