Saturday, 7 May 2011

Woodman Estate - Mornington, Victoria

I loved the Mornington Peninsula with it's beautiful picturesque views, never ending greenery and farm animals.

Cute cows that were so still they almost looked fake!

Outfit of the day -
Alannah Hill cardi
Natasha dress - I felt very poufy that day!
vintage belt
Sambag navy snakeskin ballet flats
Chanel classic flap

Outside our dinner destination - Woodman Estate

We had a bit too much fun taking photos here, as you'll see!

Miss C & I :)

Everything was so pretty and luxurious inside

Pre-drinks (which we couldn't actually have, damn you anti-biotics!)

Lounge area for pre-drinks, complete with toasty fireplace!

Elegant, old world glamour

Formal dining area - this section is usually reserved for the degustation menu, but since they weren't full the night we went, they kindly let us sit in the formal dining area, very nice of them.

We were still pretty full from our lunch at 3pm, so we just shared a entree, both had mains and shared a dessert:

Pan seared Canadian scallops with pumpkin fondant, black pudding and herb puree

Chicken with du-puy lentils, an orange and crisp parsnip salad and jus gras

Salmon fillet confit with fennel salad, kombu and caviar

Chocolate sampler

Loved this place. Will have to definitely come back here for lunch, they have these pretty and lush gardens with so many flowers and a private lake too.
136 Graydens Road
Mornington VIC 3933
Ph: (03) 5978 8455


Corrina said...

Missk, you look absolutely gorgeous! I looove your outfit, it's beautiful.

That place looks absolutely amazing, the food and the decor!

thang @ noodlies said...

gorgeous! makes me feel like a getaway and sitting around a warm log fire!

Pink Penguin said...

Ohhh your Natasha dress is amazing, I think I know the one! I was soooo close to buying it in black but was worried it would be too 'boobie' on me :( It looks fabulous!! x

suki pooki said...

This looks like a lovely place to eat! The dessert was my favorite photo! Loving the old world deco too =)

p.s love your bag! <3

missklicious said...

Corrina - Thank you! You're very kind :)

The estate was stunning, it was almost like we stepped back in time!

Thang - Oooh, log fire! Makes me instantly think of toasting marshmallows hehe

Pink Penguin - Thanks hun! I love the full skirt, it's a very pretty dress

suki pooki - Thanks, it was a wonderful place to eat and the dessert was sooo good!

mashi said...

Your outfit looks amazing, not puffy at all!

Food looks good and the place seems cosy

suresh said...

good and amezing outfits