Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Shoe haul - Tony Bianco, Sambag and Zara

I've been a bit slack with the blog updates lately, as I've been a bit busy and also a bit lazy *shifty look* I've just started salsa classes last night, and they are so much fun!

So I've also been on a little bit of a shoe rampage lately...

Tony Bianco boots - these are super comfy, I can seriously walk around all day in them and they don't hurt at all.  The only thing is that the suede makes it not suitable for wearing them out in all this terrible weather we've been having lately.

Sambag Tina flats - as soon as I saw the new Sambag collection with all the gorgeous pastel and bright colours, I knew this lilac pair had to be mine!!

<3 the colour!! and Sambag flats are super comfy too

And of course, Zara had a sale and I picked these ankle boots up yesterday


aelie said...

I love the Sambag flats, the colour is so pretty! <3

Jade said...

Those brown ankle boots are brilliant! Love them x

miss E said...

Wow! I need those flats!


Love your TB boots!