Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Brown Brothers Winery and Milawa

On day two of my recent Melbourne trip, we took a day trip down to Milawa to visit the Brown Brothers winery.

They had a cosy fireplace that I didn't want to stop toasting myself next to...

And of course, you don't visit a winery without tasting a wine (or 8!)

One of our many wine tastings... I ended buying a dessert wine and the Zibbibo

Gorgeous day to be out and about in the countryside

We have a thing with taking pictures with roadside signs hehe

It was such a beautiful and picturesque day!

All the wine tasting worked up an appetite so we dropped past the local pub

Chicken parma

Steak sandwich

Spag bol

Next stop was the Milawa cheese factory

Haha  - very true!

And as always they had samples galore and cheese tastings, but I was way too full to indulge in any of it, unfortunately :(

There was also a cool art gallery there with these cute sculptures

Cute echidna!!

On the way home we spotted a double rainbow!! 

I know I'm lagging behind with posts, but this is the last of the Melbourne series. I'm working on the Hong Kong/Europe ones now. Stay tuned ;)


sugarpuffi said...

brown brothers have some great dessert wines. love the cheese sign!

missklicious said...

I still have a couple of bottles at home! Mmmm need to make some dessert and crack them open sometime soon