Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cafe Landmark - The Landmark @ Central, Hong Kong

After landing in Hong Kong late at night, the first destination the next day was shopping! First stop, The Landmark and after wearing myself out browsing the endless stores, it was time for lunch.  

Cafe Landmark is situated on the top level of The Landmark and seems to attract mostly the lunch time business and 'ladies who lunch' crowd.

Papaya and peach frappe - this was amazingly delicious, full of lovely sweet papaya, I was so tempted to order another one.

Mixed basket of complimentary bread - white, brown and raisin

Mango and lobster salad - this was such a pretty and refreshing dish, slices of sweet mango and chunks of lobster with apple and celery. Perfect for the hot and humid Hong Kong weather!

Baked crabmeat in the shell - tasty baked crabmeat in the shell with the welcome addition of chips

Iced coffee with Irish cream

Mango napolean - gorgeous stack of crispy pastry, mango pieces and vanilla ice cream <3

They also had afternoon tea specials and a wide variety of cakes

Cafe Landmark
107-108 1/F 
The Landmark
Central, Hong Kong


Lil said...

Oh wow, that looks absolutely delicious! I'd love to try that.

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

Oh I love landmark- it's my fave mall in HK, with Marc Jacobs, the shiny gucci store and ysl across the road!!

missklicious said...

Lil - It's a good place to drop past if you're shopping at landmark!

Gianna - The shops were so good, I almost bought a MJ bag but had to stop myself because it was only my first day there and I was heading to Europe! So many good stores...