Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Lolly Shop - Gold Creek, Canberra

The one thing I love most about little country towns is the obligatory lolly shop that always exists.

I was literally joining all the kids in the store and getting excited about all the stacks of cool lollies in here.

Lucky charms cereal

Pretzel M&Ms

Coconut M&Ms - was looking forward to these but they were actually quite disappointing! They weren't very coconutty and all and left my mouth with an odd after taste.

Giant Hershey's Kiss! *squee*

Willy Wonka's runts

Jelly Belly jellybeans are the best! And they have a citrus mix now, with all the awesome flavours such as grapefruit and lime! (I'm one of those people that will pick out all the orange and yellow lollies to eat first)

Mini ice-cream chocolates!

Where is the best lolly shop in Sydney?


Confessions of a Brunette Goddess XI said...

hahah! I Love this! I would of been doing the same thing if I was there!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Ahahaha I remember runts!!! I use to get those when I was at school. I am dying to try those pretzel M&Ms!
There's a treats from home in Pitt st and also a Sugar Fix under Myer in Pitt st but they dont always have everything and the prices are through the roof. Let me know if you find a good one :)

Lizzi said...

Oh gosh, I spend $100+ every time I go in there! It's a serious problem. I simply cannot resist the important cereals/pop tarts.

missklicious said...

Confessions of a Brunette Goddess XI - Hehe, it's too tempting to just get one of everything!

Nic - I remember them from school too, but these just weren't the same. I remember when K-Mart used to have the self serve lollies and those runts were awesome. Agree with you that Sugar Fix is overpriced!

Lizzi - Haha, it's sooo good. They had so many pop tart flavours!

TJ Rogers said...

thank you so much!! I've been looking for the Lucky Charm cereal for my boyfriend and i live in Gold Creek! so its just a 5 min walk! :D thank you!