Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pierre Herme - Paris, France

I was shopping at the Galeries Lafayette when I spotted a Pierre Herme store and made a beeline for it. I needed the sustenance after lining up at the crazy Chanel store for goodness knows how long!

All the sweet goodness they had on offer - including drinking chocolate, spreads, biscuits, you name it...

Macaron tree!

I only had eyes for the macarons, and although a lot of the flavours weren't available, I still had a hard time choosing.

Wouldn't have minded taking one of these home with me.

My 3 picks

Arabesque - Apricot and pistachio

The colour looks a bit off for this one, but it was actually a lovely violet colour on the top and black on the bottom. This flavour was called R├ęglisse & Violette.

Fleur de Jasmine - this was so lovely and fragrant, definitely my favourite!

After this refuel and rest, it was time for more shopping - Paris shopping was amazing... will post about some of my purchases soon!


retrodaze said...

Wow! The macarons look amazing and I'm so jealous of your trip! :-)

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Ohhhh YUM! Macarons really are an endless pleasure