Monday, 7 November 2011

ZenQ Dessert- Westfield Chatswood

ZenQ is a relatively new Taiwanese dessert place located in Chatswood Westfield (this being the first restaurant to launch out of Asia!)

I find that with asian desserts, I have to be in the mood for them and some of them are definitely an acquired taste, so I find Zen Q is quite good as in it offers a bit of everything - from the more traditional type asian style of dessert to something modern and perhaps suiting a more western palette. 

 I highly recommend having a wander at the Chatswood night markets for a quick snack before coming over here for dessert, although I did make eyes with my beloved dutch pancake stall at the markets before I realised I had to fit in all these delicious desserts and therefore had to pass on them.

Even though it was only 6:30pm the store was already quite busy and filled up quickly through the night.

Zen Q offer a 'Choose your own' option to build your own dessert:

Step 1 : you choose which base you'd like

Step 2: add all the toppings your heart desires

Step 3: Enjoy!

I also really liked the sound of the teas they had on offer - especially the forest berries earl grey and kiwi camelia! I will definitely be back to try those...

They also had quite a few flavours of milkshakes on offer too.

I'd seen all the blog posts about the new honey toast and was very keen to try it - I was instantly drawn to the mango flavour.  Love mangoes!! (and also love the fact that we are getting into mango season. Yum!)

All the ingredients at the ZenQ counter, waiting to be put into a variety of desserts!

I had a hard time choosing what I wanted:

Black glutinous rice base with ZenQ balls and crystal jelly - What are ZenQ balls you ask?

They are basically chewy handmade balls with different flavours including matcha, taro and sweet potato. The matcha had the strongest flavour out of all of them.

Pretty mango danish toast

I loved the crunchy texture of the toast, loaded with cream, strawberries, blueberries, mango and wafers.

Toast for dessert might sound a little strange, but it works!

And last but not least... Mango shaved ice

 Really interesting texture, the shaved ice comes in interesting layers and is a lighter alternative to ice-cream, which I think will be perfect for the hot summer weather coming up soon.

Next time I'll probably try the iced teas and also see how the sago here fares (one of my favourite asian type desserts!)

Missklicious dined as a guest of ZenQ - Thank you to Ebony from PPR and ZenQ Chatswood for the opportunity to try these lovely desserts!

Zen Q
Level 2
Chatswood Westfield
Victoria Arcade entrance

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Julie said...

Need to try ZenQ soon! that mango danish toast looks yummo ^_^

Beauty Snippets said...

Nice!! That toast dessert looks scrumptious.

ZenQ just opened up in the shopping centre across from my uni so I must must go there after exams.

Sparks In Spring said...

The toast looks delicious! Looks like a good alternative to my favorite french toast xx

MissPiggy said...

I like the look of that Mango Shaved Ice...but Tuna Honey Toast - eep!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

The shaved mango does look very interesting