Monday, 12 March 2012

The Cardamon Pod - Byron Bay

A couple of weeks ago, I headed off to Byron Bay for a long weekend - the weather forecast for the 3 days didn't look good at all, but it managed to hold out in the end, with only a tiny bit of rain and lots of sunshine on the Sunday (yay!)

On the first afternoon that we arrived, we had a quick browse of the shops and then stumbled across this vegetarian hole-in-wall cafe. 

They mainly sell a range of salads and hot dishes, plus some vegetarian and vegan desserts.

Hot dishes selection with various curries and lasagna

Dessert selection

Tofu and vege salad

Cauliflower pakora

Lasagna with rice

Dinner time was quite busy with a lot of people grabbing things to takeaway.

Byron was a nice getaway with a relaxed vibe - loved all the cafe side live music where you could just grab a drink, chill out and listen them play. 

Spotted this sign in one of the stores. Ha! I think it was made for me...

Checked out these night markets they had going at night (where a brief downpour occured!) - we did manage to get a box of these organic chocolates after waiting out the rain though. 

Live music at the beach hotel

Sunday was lovely beach weather 

So easy to eat healthily in Byron, everything is so fresh and tasty:

This was hands down the best smoothie/frappe concoction that I've ever had - LOVE this place!! We ended up coming here multiple times over the course of the 3 days.  My favourite was the dragonfruit and strawberry cane juice. So freakin' good!! They blend all their drinks with fresh sugar cane juice - yum!

7 Lawson Street
Byron Bay NSW 2481


Nic@diningwithastud said...

What a fab trip :) even with the rain

missklicious said...

Nic - It was a lovely and relaxing getaway! I felt so healthy too afterwards haha :)