Monday, 9 April 2012

Tomislav - Potts Point, Sydney

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, back to the daily grind tomorrow!

I have a bit of blog post catching up to do, so here it goes:

Ever since I visited Tomislav last year for the Sugar Hit, and having such a fantastic experience, I've wanted to re-visit and try their regular four course menu. 

What better excuse than an early birthday dinner? (not that I ever really need any excuses, heh!)

A little something to start - rice crackers 

I love sour cream and chives, so this is a great accompaniment with drinks

I start off the night with a Birdy Tail - a lovely mix of Mandarine Napoleon, Grand Marnier and lime

Coffee butter - this was an interesting flavour, that we couldn't quite work out what it was until we were informed that it was actually coffee, it had a lovely, almost nutty flavour. 

1st course - Kangaroo Tartare with mint crumbs and hazelnut dressing

Surprisingly, I thought this dish was not too bad and this is coming from a non-kangaroo eating perspective. It didn't have a gamey taste at all.

 1st course - Poached yellow fin tuna with sour potato and rainforest lime

This was my dish, and it was heavenly - the tuna was poached to perfection and the dollops of potato were a great accompaniment. 

2nd course - Grilled Blackmore's Tongue, wattleseed toffee, coconut ice cream

Another dish I wouldn't have picked, but I had a taste and it was really nice. 

2nd course - Basmati rice risotto, lemon zest, Yamba prawns

The most flavoursome risotto I've ever had, filled with bursty Yamba prawns

3rd course - Roast lamb rib, wasabi, grilled pineapple

The lamb was fantastic, paired with the sweet pineapple and the wasabi in powder form. 

3rd course - Ranger's valley beef short rib, enoki

Side chips - crispiest chips ever!

4th course - Vanilla cheesecake, basil, raspberry sorbet

Tomislav's take on cheesecake - a creamy concoction with an interesting addition of basil and refreshing raspberry sorbet. 

4th course - Caramel puddingtoasted walnuts, yoghurt sorbet 

Creamy and delicious, with the added crunchy of walnuts

The thing I love most about Tomislav, other than the creative and amazing food, is the exceptional friendly and warm service, makes you feel right at home. 

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MissPiggy said...

I FINALLY went to Tomislav's last year - LOVED it! Everything was wonderful. I tried the S&V crisps last time, but that sour cream looks sooo godo!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Ooh, looks just as good as I remembered, especially that risotto :P

Vivian - vxdollface said...

I love everything at Tomislav <3 you must've had such a good time! lol I haven't posted mine yet cause my photos got blurrier from main onwards ^^" had a bottle of red mainly to myself oops!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Im desperate to eat here. It looks like a great meal and experience

missklicious said...

misspiggy - the salt and vinegar crisps look so cool with the spray bottle!! I had a hard time choosing between that and the sour cream

Tina - The risotto was so decadent!

Vivian - haha that's hilarious!!

Nic - Well worth it :)