Wednesday, 15 August 2012

4fourteen - Surry Hills, Sydney

So work has finally moved to the city, and I'm slowly exploring the plethora of eateries around Surry Hills/Central. 

Before work moved, I was pretty much stuck out in the sticks during week days. On a rare week day off, I took the advantage and headed to Surry Hills for lunch.  After a very helpful Twitter suggestion for good solo dining options (great tool for when you're stuck for places to eat!) I decided to head to 4fourteen and grab a seat at the bar. 

I enjoyed the place so much the first time, I went back a few weeks later - this is a mishmash of two visits, so no, I didn't eat all this by myself in one visit :P

Passion # 4 - passionfruit, ginger, lime, gingerbeer, 666 vodka

I really enjoyed sitting right up near the action at the bar. Definitely recommend getting a seat here if you're dining solo, or in a small group.

Avant Another - white peach, orange, aperol, 666 vodka

I chose this cocktail as I love white peach, and it was lovely and fruity (they don't scrimp on the alcohol either!)

Open kitchen, view from the bar seats

Suckling Pig - Cauliflower, Prunes & Cabbage Salad

I enjoyed all that fabulous pork crackling. Mmmm

Warm Crab Roll with Spiced Avocado Puree

This is a dish I ordered on my second visit. It fresh and delicious, but I did question the value of this dish.  It was around $14, for the one roll. 

3 Hour Celeriac '3-Ways'

Absolutely loved this dish, especially the super sweet roasted version. 

Crumbed Pigs Tail, crab and corn salad, avocado puree

Loved this combination of the crispy crumbed pigs tail and the sweet crab and corn salad. This has to be one of my favourite dishes.

Chicken Wing - Parfait, Tortilla and Quince Chutney

The bite size, boneless chicken wing is a winner, paired beautifully with the crunchy tortilla and fragrant chutney


I've heard rave reviews about the bounty, so when it came to choosing dessert, it was a no brainer. It was creamy, coconutty and absolutely delicious!

Would love to go back and try more of the menu ie: Irish Breakfast and more of the dessert menu

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Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

Oh mannnnnn it sounds so odd for me to say but that pigs tail looks to die for! Can't believe I've still not been.. sigh

Popcorn said...

the drinks looked so delicious! haha I love passion fruit in my drinks

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Oh that pigs tail look SO GOOD!!!

chocolatesuze said...

woahhhh that chicken wing!!!

jack said...

hehe that pigs tail looks good, i want the chicken wing tho... deboned, even better! Am definitely keen to see what other solo dining places you check out as I am always looking for good solo dining options!

missklicious said...

Tina - I wouldn't normally go for pig's tail either, but this was so delish

Popcorn - I love a fruity cocktail too :)

Nic - It was good!!

Suze - so delish and crispy, and with that parfait *drool*

jack - I liked that the chicken wing was deboned too, no mess! I'm all for places with good solo dining seating, makes it so much easier to grab a quick bite to eat by yourself :)