Saturday, 19 January 2013

Arras - Clarence St, Sydney

Arras has been a restaurant on my ever expanding restaurant wish list, mostly due to that amazing lolly tray at the end of the meal.

Pretty wall feature and spacious decor 

The waiter come around with a bread basket filled with an array of fresh and warm bread, making it hard not to fill up before the meal

Roast skate
Parsnip, raisins, capers and butter

I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of raisins, especially in a savoury dish, but these worked well in the dish.

My memory fails me on the exact ingredients of this dish (my visit was mid last year!) but this was a smoked eel dish. I really liked the different plates they used to complement each dish, it makes for such pretty presentation!

Another one which escapes me, but from what I remember this fish main had squid ink and olive. 

"In the weeds"
Pickled and marinated vegetables
Slow cooked onion and bitter leaves

A very texturally interesting dish with the tangy pickled vegetables adding an extra bite to this dish.

Potatoes - confit, crisped and melted baked potato broth

What's there not to love about a dish that consists only of my favourite carb?

Pistachio cheesecake

Flowers in the window
Roses, violet, pistachio and raspberry

Such a spectacular looking dish. I love floral flavours in dishes, so I really enjoyed this dessert.

Such a pretty, floral and fruity dessert, it reminded me of a garden in bloom!

And in preparation for the grand finale and the most exciting part of the night:

We each received a pink perspex holder in anticipation of all the sweet treats to come

This was definitely the highlight of the meal

It was like being a kid in a candy store. Handy hint: save room for the magnificent array of sweets at the end. I struggled to try everything I wanted to because I was so full from the other dishes. 

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Missy Piggy said...

I wish they'd bring out the lolly tray at the beginning - we were too full to properly enjoy what it had to offer.

Indi C said...

WOW that looks AMAZING! I will definitely be going there next time I go to Sydney

missklicious said...

Miss Piggy - Me too! I was struggling to finish the items I did take.

Indi C - It's definitely one of the restaurants to visit in Sydney :)

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

I love loved Arras. It was more enjoyable because we went with another couple. Good company. GREAT food. awesome petit fours :P

Vivian - vxdollface said...

I went crazy with the lolly tray and I struggled to finish it as well ^^"kinda wishing I could've taken it home in a takeaway box or something

Neil Chung said...

Everything looks spectacular. Last time I went everything on the petit fours board looked tempting and it still does!