Monday, 1 April 2013

Sepia - Sussex Street, Sydney

This birthday has been a relatively quiet affair, though one restaurant that has been on my list since forever is the 3 hatted Sepia. I've only ever heard rave reviews about the food here, so I knew it was going to be a memorable night. 

Started off the night with a bottle of New Zealand Pegasus Bay sauvignon blanc

Amuse bouche

A delicious mouthful of cherry tomato with balsamic and apple jelly

Warm sourdough to start off the night

We were super impressed with how perfect the sphere of butter was, almost too perfect to eat!

NSW premium rock oysters, served with lime and rice vinegar

We opted for the additional oysters to start off the meal with, and these were fabulous paired with the hint of citrus that the lime provided. 

Nori rolled scallop, pickled ginger, sushi rice, avocado cream

These scallops were huge and juicy with the  nori crust adding an interesting twist to this dish. 

Sashimi of Hiramasa Kingfish, yukari, beetroot, pickled aka seaweed, belle radish, smoked trout roe, violets

This entree was completely stunning, with the pretty red hues of the kingfish and roe with the gorgeous purple violets. 

Roasted corn fed chicken, Saikyo miso mousse, butter poached spanner crab, myoga ginger, garlic flowers

This was ridiculously good. Definitely the stand-out dish of the night and hands down my favourite. I could not stop raving about this one and every mouth full was heavenly. 

Miso black cod smoked over charcoal, Japanese mustard and lemon cream, white desert cucumbers, tarragon, pea and tonburi

Beautiful, clean and delicate flavours. 

Seared rolled David Blackmore wagyu beef, chestnut mushrooms, roasted red onion juice, wasabi fried potato and kombu crumb, citrus soy

Another highlight of the night with the perfectly cooked beef. 

New Zealand scampi cooked over Japanese charcoal, sudachi lime, shellfish mousse, Japanese land seaweed


An impressive fruity apple sphere which you crack open with a spoon to reveal a blackcurrant sorbet

Summer chocolate forest 

Soft chocolate, hazelnut and almond praline, orange and thyme cream, sour cherry sorbet, native finger lime, green tea, licorice, chocolate twigs, crystallised fennel fronds

Blueberry, vanilla caramel, brick pastry, thornless blackberry jelly, cinnamon custard, candied orange zest, sugared almonds, frozen creme fraiche

Sepia is now my favourite fine dining restaurant. There wasn't one single dish that wasn't amazing and I loved the contemporary Japanese influence. 

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Sherrie Huang said...

Happy birthday! Glad to see you had a lovely night with such wonderful food :D

Indi C said...

Looks delish. Happy bday!

chocolatesuze said...

love sepia! everything looks amazing! happy birthday again!

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

happy birthday lovely! it's great to see how many people splurging for their birthdays/anniversary here lately. I went for my birthday in december and we both got a completely different menu. yours looks uhhhhmazing. it makes me want to go again so i can try what you had!!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

The plating at Sepia is always such a marvel. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

missklicious said...

Thanks guys! Sepia was a wonderful birthday dinner - loved every single dish there.

Rachi said...

Wowsers! Every single dish looks amazing. That butter looks like an egg yolk. I've been dying to eat here but it's so hard to get a booking without planning ahead, which is what I must do.

(ok I'll stop bombarding your blog with comments now but just want to say your blog is so addictive and your pictures are totally droolworthy!):)

Neil Chung said...

Hey Hey. Happy birthday! Sepia, likewise is probably my favourite fine diner along with Sixpenny or Gastropark. There's just so much creativity.