Sunday, 26 May 2013

Red Spice Road - QV, Melbourne

During my recent trip to Melbourne, I caught up with the lovely miss J for lunch at Red Spice Road. Located in the QV building, Red Spice Road is a South-East Asian restaurant with a focus on dishes that can be shared.

Tempting mocktails

Red Dragon

Blood orange, house made vanilla syrup, fresh blackberries built with fresh lemon, finished with pink grapefruit

Since I was not drinking, I opted for a mocktail instead. A nice, tart and refreshing blend to kick-start the appetite.

Green Asian

Freshly muddled kiwi fruit shaken with cloudy apple juice and coconut syrup, topped with toasted coconut.

Complimentary starter of duck consomme 

Duck broth with minced duck, shitake mushroom and green onion. This was very flavoursome, but a little on the salty side.

We opted for the lunch banquet, which allowed us to choose three main dishes. Serving sizes were on the generous side and we struggled to finish them between the three of us, it would have been perfect for four people.

Vientane style beef curry with eggplant and snake beans

Melt in the mouth beef curry with the smooth and creamy sauce the perfect accompaniment to rice.

Pan fried barramundi with bok choy, bamboo shoots and roasted chilli paste

This was my favourite dish out of the three, with really beautiful and fresh flavours.

Pork belly with apple slaw, chilli caramel and black vinegar

I enjoyed the fresh flavours and the generous servings were a nice surprise, as I was expecting something a little smaller. The only downside is that we were not allowed to takeaway the leftovers - such a shame as we were bursting to the seams, unable to fit in anymore, but the food went to waste.

After such a huge lunch, we wandered around and soaked in the lovely Melbourne vibe, with a coffee (or two!) Such a great way to spend the Easter long weekend.

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Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

so much food! the curry looks amazing, even at this odd hour! The greens definitely make it more vibrant.

missklicious said...

It is nice having some greens to balance it out!