Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Chur Burger - Surry Hills, Sydney

Chur Burger has become a firm favourite for an indulgent work day lunch. Voted the best burgets in Sydney, according to the Good Food section of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Chur Burger is the brainchild of Warren Turnbull, of two-hat Assiette fame. Lunch times are packed, and it's best to get in early to nab a seat in the bustling shop.

I've been at the previous hole-in-the-wall garage venue and the new space on Albion, and have to say I was impressed at the setup of the new place. 

Sweet potato fries

Delicious and chunky fries with a hint of garlic and line. Unfortunately these weren't quite as crispy as we hoped for, but I loved the zingy addition of lime nonetheless. 

Fish burger with side of chips with chilli salt

The sesame seed brioche bun is soft and the perfect casing for the quality fillings. 

The fish option is a crumbed Chatham island blue cod with pickled cucumber, lemon mayo and dill. Absolutely delicious!

Marinated grilled chicken, hot sauce mayo, minted slaw

On my second visit, I opt for the chicken burger. The chicken is very tender and goes down a treat with the coleslaw.

Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle

Miss V has the beef burger and exclaims that it is also very good. Will definitely have to try it next time!

Macadamia pie with whiskey ice cream

Miss V and I decide on a dessert to share, and I pick the macadamia pie. Extremely sticky and sweet, though the ice cream helps cut through the richness.

Hard to argue against their claim of the best burger in Sydney - I haven't tried enough burgers in Sydney to support that, but I have to agree that it would be a strong contender, and very reasonably priced at $10. 

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Sherrie Huang said...

Those are very reasonable prices indeed and they look so perfect! But I got my eyes on that macadamia tart!! Macadamias are totally my fave nuts :D

Joan said...

I'm waiting for the crowds to die down before I go try it out but I'm definitely eager! Pity about the macadamia tart, I too was eyeing that from the online menu!

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

definitely worth the value as i find them pretty filling. needing to go back to try more! haha

Tina said...

The fish and beef burgers look amazing - just have to get myself there now!

Michael Shen said...

Love the burgers here! The value, especially!

MAB vs Food said...

The beef burger is really great and defo the go to burger at Chur :9

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Sweet potato pies! Why don't more Aussie joints offer these? The macadamia tart looks pretty awesome too.

Amy zhong said...

omgsh the burgers are droolworthy!!

Amy zhong said...

omgsh the burgers are droolworthy!!

Anonymous said...

These sweet potato fries look delish! I could feast on these every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner...! Love sweet potato fries :)

Elliesbelly said...

I looove Chur burger! I'm pretty keen to their lamb burger and that macadamia pie hahaah the sweeter the better! :p

Love your pics :)