Friday, 19 July 2013

Ramen Ikkyu - Sussex Centre, Sydney

The highly anticipated new ramen joint, opened by Chef Haru of fine dining restaurant, Blancharu, fame has been merely open for a couple of weeks, but has already gained a steady following. With lunch time lines and stories of selling out before 6pm, I decided to go in early on a Saturday afternoon to beat the crowds.

Ordering is pretty efficient with orders placed via the ipad system.

Ikkyu shoyu ramen

The paitan broth is flavoursome and has a almost milky look. The perfectly cooked ramen noodles are accompanied by 3 slices of pork, half an egg, black fungus, shallots and seaweed.

Had to order extra corn and more of those deliciously fatty slices of pork!

Love that they offer free kaedama, which is an additional serve of ramen noodles for those with a big appetite. 

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MAB vs Food said...

I looove Ramen Ikkyu. Pork slices are so tender and delicious :9 And I love how you can ask for free noodles!