Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ju-Rin - Crows Nest, Sydney

If I had to pick an all-rounder favourite Japanese in Sydney, it would be Ju-Rin. Situated on Pacific Highway in Crows Nest where there are Japanese restaurants aplenty.


I always like starting with a freshly cooked and salted bowl of edamame. I imagine these would go down very well with a cold glass of beer or some sake.

Entree tasting plate

Tasting plates of any kind are always good as you can get a sample of everything. The ox tongue was fall-apart tender and the fish cakes were so tasty.

Salmon sashimi aburi

The sashimi is very fresh and brought straight from the sushi counter where they have a dedicated chef. I always like sitting at the sushi counter whenever I can, as it is fun to watch the sushi making action unfold.

Crispy school prawns

Another tasty snack to accompany drinks.

Vegetable tempura

The tempura here is fried to crispy perfection, and not soggy at all, 


Miso eggplant

This is most definitely one of the star dishes of the night (even though they are all pretty fabulous!) The creamy miso and soft eggplant leaves me wanting more, long after it has been demolished.


I would recommend skipping the ramen here, as all the other dishes were great, but this was average. You are better off going to a dedicated ramen place, such as nearby Ryo's. 

Tempura sushi

We order the tempura sushi purely for the novelty factor, and it's not bad! Not exactly sure how 'authentic' tempura sushi is, but anyway. 
There's definitely no shortage of quality Japanese restaurants in the area, but Ju-Rin never fails to be full, especially on the weekends. Booking ahead is highly recommended.

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Yvonne Tee said...

The miso eggplant looks amazing! Putting this on my to-visit list and by the way, you can try Umi Kaiten Zushi's as they make a mean miso eggplant as well!

Plak Lastin said...

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Amy zhong said...

i can see why this is your fav, the food esp the entree plate looks amazing!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Tempura sushi isn't awesome! And I've recently started making my own miso eggplant. Easier than you'd think!