Monday, 16 September 2013

Parlour Lane Roasters - Market Street, Sydney

Parlour Lane Roasters is a little hidden gem and provides a nice relief from the hustle and bustle of the CBD. Located on Market Street, Parlour Lane Roasters is part of the QT Hotels chain and is conveniently located on street level, right next to the State Theatre. Perfect for grabbing something pre-theatre. 

My visit is on the weekend for a leisurely lunch. Parlour Lane Roasters also offers breakfast, and transforms into a wine bar at night.

The interior of the cafe has a mixture of gothic fa├žades, bespoke furniture and the charm of original building features. 

The costumes add a nice touch, separating the space between theatre and cafe.

The slick red coffee machine behind the counter - Parlour Lane Roasters offer All Press coffee.

Flat white

Banana & honey smoothie


Jingle lined fried calamari, garlic aioli, green tabasco

Super tender and addictive calamari. Served with a good sized portion of delicious garlic aioli, which was more than enough to generously slather my calamari pieces in (Win in my books, as I hate it when you get a tiny portion of sauce and run out half way through!)

The tabasco was not distinguishable though, and by the end, I was wishing for some salad to balance it out - making this dish a great one for sharing between two instead of having it as a main meal for one.

Parlour beef burger

Pasture fed beef burger, fried onions, American cheese, brioche bun, house made pickle, shoestring fries. I always welcome the appetising addition of pickles to balance the richness. 

The beef burger was given the thumbs up from the boyfriend, and I enjoyed stealing a chip (or 10!) to accompany my calamari.

Loved these cute bar stools! 

I also noticed that they conveniently have a fridge full of takeaway lunch options for those on the go, and a coffee cart out the front for the Monday-Friday coffee run.

missklicious dined as a guest of Parlour Lane Roasters

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Ramen Raff said...

I've walked pass thiis so many but never noticed it! Great find! I wanna try their burger.

Amy zhong said...

so many new places that i need to try! the burgers look amazing!

Sherrie Huang said...

I am endlessly amused by those stools!

chocolatesuze said...

ahahahah those stools! love em!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

Oh I've walked past this place before! But never been inside, hehe cute bar stools.