Thursday, 24 October 2013

Spring Fling high tea at Soiree at the Wentworth - Sofitel Wentworth, Sydney CBD

I have to admit that October has flown by in a blink of an eye, and I haven't managed to do many of the Good Food Month events.

I did however, make it to the special Spring Fling high tea at the Sofitel Wentworth. Being a major fan of anything floral and fruity flavoured, this topped my GFM hit list.

Spring Fling high tea menu

Tea selection

Jasmine pearls tea

Keeping with the floral theme, I went with the light and fragrant jasmine tea. 

Service was attentive and the high tea came out fairly quickly, though they did get the numbers mixed up and brought out enough for three, instead of four. Staff were apologetic about it, though it did take a while for the tier to come back out.

Pretty spring fling high tea

The tier that stood out most were the desserts, so bright and pretty!

Savoury tier

We started off with the savouries, including:

Roasted spring vegetable sandwich and a severely undercooked mini quiche (not pictured) and some of the tastier offerings:

Lemon chicken and rocket in a wrap

Cucumber, cream cheese and mint coriander

Scones with cream and jam

Unfortunately the scones were very dry, which was marginally improved with the jam and cream. The only redeeming feature of this tier were the fresh berries.

Onto my favourite part, the sweets!

Mango cheesecake

Now this cheesecake on the other hand, was heavenly. Sofitel Wentworth are known for their cheesecakes, and it's not hard to see why. With the addition of one of my favourite fruit, I could have easily eaten a few more of these!

Lavender creme brulee

Berry tartlet

The gorgeous eclair, mango cheesecake, berry tartlet, lavender brulee all signal that spring has well and truly arrived. 

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Joan said...

I wanted to check the Spring High Tea out so much but didn't have a chance so I'm glad I can experience it vicariously! It's a pity about the quiche and scones, I would expect much better from Sofitel but the sweets do look delish!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

that cheesecake was so good!