Monday, 14 October 2013

Spring is here at Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining

I was recently invited to try out the new Spring cocktail menu at one of my favourite bars, Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining.

Stolen painkiller

I love a creative cocktail and bartender, Doug Laming's latest invention comes in a powder form. Almost sherbet in taste it is easy on the palate. Love the creativity of this one - an alcoholic powdered rum mixed with gorgeous fruity flavours, to start off the night with.


Russian Standard Platinum mixed with fresh strawberries, house made raspberry and strawberry shrubb, elderflower, lemon, Fee Brother's Rhubarb bitters and amaranth. Finished with strawberry powder and sorrel.

Xo Zombie

Mt Gay XO, Cointreau and Joseph Cartron Cocody, muddle with lime, mint and house-made passionfruit caramel. Shaken with aromatic bitters, pineapple and orange. Served in a bitter, sugar rimmed glass with a flaming passionfruit. 

A very tropical drink, would not mind having this beachside at a tropical destination!

Even though I love my cocktails, the highlight of the night was definitely the mouth watering wagyu beef slider canapes that were going around - worth paying a visit just for that burger.

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

The stolen painkiller looks like so much fun!

Karen N said...

Helen - it definitely is fun & very creative!