Thursday, 30 January 2014

Rainford Street Social - Surry Hills, Sydney

Eat, drink and be merry. I love the sound of that promise from Surry Hills neighbourhood bistro, Rainford Street Social. The restaurant has a casual vibe about it, and is quite lovely on a warm summer night.

To be fair, we dined here the night before we flew out on holidays. I had my Christmas party lunch that day and had been drinking and eating a fair bit, so didn't exactly bring a healthy appetite for the meal to come.

Cute dog design on the wine glasses!

Grilled scallops

Served with apple and orange relish and avocado puree. I always have high expectations for scallops, as this is my must order when I spot it on the entree menu. I did like the idea of pairing it with the apple and orange relish, very refreshing and summer-like.  However the dish did not quite hit the mark as the scallops were overcooked and dry. 

Prawn cocktail

Served with Marie rose sauce, salmon roe. Luckily, this entree was fantastic - fresh and juicy prawns paired with a spicy sauce, and generous chunks of avocado. A great take on a classic.

Glazed lamb ribs, pomegranate and baby gem salad

This dish is visually so appealing - rustic lamb ribs, glazed with a sticky sauce and then paired with a pretty salad, scattered with pomegranate. Unfortunately, I found both the glaze and salad dressing to be overpowering and acidic. 

Pan fried barramundi, olive oil potatoes and grilled kale

Chocolate delice

Cookie crumble base with cherry sorbet

Marinated summer fruits, banana yoghurt ice cream

The desserts are simple, and a nice finish to the meal. I'm not sure if I would classify orange and apples as summer fruit (in my mind it is more like mango, lychee, nectarine, peach etc) though it is a refreshing end to the meal nonetheless. 
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Richard Ma said...

Awesome Stuff,

Do you need a reservation or is walk-in here alright?

I wonder if the salad was supposed to be eaten the same time as the lamb so the acid cut through the marinade?

Looks awesome though, i'll have to go try that prawn cocktail

Amy zhong said...

the wine glass is adorable! love the look of the grilled scallops tho!

Tina said...

The seafood looks delicious! Still on my (neverending) list of places to visit...

julzmak said...

oh no a bit sad about those ribs they do look good :(

chocolatesuze said...

shame about the ribs, the chocolate delice looks awesome tho!

Karen N said...

Rich - I think fri and sat nights you might need a booking, but any other time walk-in should be fine! I like to book anywhere that allows me to :P

Amy - I always love a good scallop entree dish!

Tina - I know how you feel about the list, mine is never ending too!

julz - they do, don't they? I don't normally like lamb that much but I was swayed as this one looked really good!

chocolatesuze - desserts always save the day!