Thursday, 24 April 2014

GoodTime Diner - The Eastern, Bondi Junction

GoodTime Diner, located on Level 1 at The Eastern, is inspired by the lively underground Old New Orleans Bar scene. Here it's all about the quality cuts of meats, smoked and slow cooked for up to 18 hours by head chef Matt Fitzgerald.

There's a cute little burger diner downstairs, GoodTime burgers. You can also get the burger menu at GoodTime diner, in a more luxurious setting. 

GoodTime Diner menu

The menu has a range of gourmet salads, side dishes and of course, the star of the show - the southern smoked meats and burgers.

Smoked apple side car

First things first, some cocktails! I choose the delicious sounding smoked apple side car which is a mixture of apple jack, Cointreau, smoked apple compote, apple juice & lemon

Texas old fashioned

Bacon infused bourbon, bitters, smoked maple syrup and scorched bacon. Who can refuse a cocktail that is infused with bacon?!

Cajun charred corn

The corn side dish comes with the meat platter for two, and has a light dusting of cajun spice.

Quinoa, charred baby carrot and pomegranate

This salad is a visual feast with the orange of the carrots and pretty pomegranate seeds. The flavours are lovely and fresh, and is a great accompaniment to the heavier meat dishes. I would have liked the carrots to have had less of a crunch to them, but that is personal preference.

Smoked meat platter for two

For the indecisive, this is a fabulous option to get a taste of everything. The meat platter for two comes with 12 hour beef short ribs, 18 hour pulled pork and southern spiced free range chicken (the side dish of corn comes with the platter)

The meats were melt in the mouth tender, with my favourite being the beef rib. It barely needed any cutting with the knife! 

For desserts, I couldn't go past the sundaes. I choose the option that included salted caramel ice cream, dark chocolate, almonds and sesame. GoodTime Diner also have a selection o Gelato Messina ice creams on offer. 

New York cheesecake

A super generous slice, served with berry coulis on top. 

A great spot for cocktails and some fabulous meat. I'll definitely be back to try out GoodTime burgers and the tempting burger menu!

missklicious and guest dined courtesy of GoodTime Diner & Adrian at umm...communications

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Sherrie @ Crystal Noir said...

The meat platter looks divine!!

julzmak said...

omg i need to go :D thanks for sharing babe!

Karen N said...

Sherrie - it looks on the small side but was so filling!

julz- no probs!!

Annie said...

the meats looked so mouthwatering!