Sunday, 1 June 2014

Papi Chulo - Manly, Sydney

So we finally made it round to trying Papi Chulo, with the special occasion being the birthdays of these two lovely ladies. It was a beautiful and sunny day, perfect weather for an afternoon out in Manly. 

Papi Chulo is a bright and open space, situated right on the wharf and mere moments from the water, with a glorious ocean view. 

It's all about smoked meats and barbecue here with a touch of Southern American. 

pea guacamole with tortilla chips

The pea guacomole is a refreshing start to the meal and I can't help but keep picking at it, especially with the super addictive and crisp tortilla chips. 

Drinks wise, a handful of us went for this tropical smoothie option - a lovely lactose free option with passionfruit and coconut milk. 

smoked hot wings with comeback sauce

One of the best hot wings I've tasted, with the perfect amount of heat from the comeback sauce. 

curly fries

One cannot go past curly fries if spotted on any menu, I didn't need much convincing!

Papi Chulo BBQ platter

The highlight of the day was this amazing BBQ meat platter. Serving from 2-4 people, it includes a half rack of pork ribs, melt in the mouth tender wagyu brisket, pulled pork and pork belly, and is served with a side of soft bread rolls and pickles.

Housemade pickles

These appetising pickles helped to cut through the richness of the meat dishes. 

Smoked pork cuban sandwich

From the sandwiches section on the menu is this beast, filled with smoked pork, BBQ sauce, smoked ham, mozzarella, mustard mayo, pickles on a crisp toasted baguette.

Papi Chulo burger

A grain fed beef burger, topped with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and pickles on a soft bun

potatoes and gravy

This dish takes the simple and homely idea of potato and gravy and turns it into something spectacular. Roast potatoes, cipollini onions, creme fraiche and the highlight, a huge hunk of bone marrow.

roast cauliflower

with romesco, parmesan, and brown butter crumbs.

banana split

served with chocolate fudge, peanut praline, banana ice-cream, peanut butter ice-cream, cherry jam, whipped cream and topped with a glace cherry.

warm chocolate chip cookie

Loved this decadent dessert, the cookie was served warm with vanilla malt ice-cream, butterscotch sauce and macadamia brittle.

pear and rhubarb cobbler

This was my favourite dessert. The clobber was served with crumble, creme anglaise and ice-cream.

A lovely location to spend an afternoon in Manly, especially when the sun is out and it's a beautiful day!

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

How incredible is that bone marrow! So good!

Anonymous said...

Mmm bone marrow! And that oozing cheese from the sandwich!!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

sooooo goood! was there again on the weekend haha love that pea guac!

SiHaN said...

I love love love the smoked pork belly. STill my favourite pork belly dish in Sydney to date.

Karen N said...

All the dishes were pretty delish!! yummm

Stephani Gondosiswanto said...

seriously a salivating post :( so hungry after seeing all the pics. and how many dishes did you order?! LOL