Sunday, 6 July 2014

Kim Restaurant - Potts Point, Sydney

Modern Korean food seems to be the current trend at the moment, with restaurants popping up all over the place. Kim restaurant, is a cosy spot tucked away in Springfield Avenue in Potts Point, and offers contemporary Korean cuisine.

Whilst we are deciding on what to order, we start with 'anju' which is the korean term for salty snack. The sweet potato chips are delicious and so addictive, it's hard to stop picking at it! The chips are cooked with extra virgin sesame oil, and served with Korean grey salt and black fermented garlic pieces.

Haemul Pajeon

We start with a serving of seafood pancake with squid and prawns. Kim's version is crisp and packed with ingredients and flavour. I always enjoy a Korean pancake, and Kim's version is fantastic.

Mandoo korean dumplings

These dumplings came compliments of the kitchen, and came in two different flavours. One was cabbage, kimchi, chilli & shallots and the other flavour being pork, tofu and noodles. The dumpling skins were perfectly made - thin and delicate.

Housemade namool

Three Korean style vegetables - all very texturally interesting, and a good side dish to have as a refreshing accompaniment.

I really liked how the waitstaff took the time to explain the dishes, and a bit of background about the vegetable, and the emphasis on ingredients and cooking methods which aid wellbeing in Korean cuisine. 

Korean fried chicken

Can never go past fried chicken when at a Korean restaurant. These were so addictive, with the spicy and sticky sauce. 

Pickled radish

These were perfect to help cut through the richness of the fried chicken. 


Pork belly, ssamjang, garlic chive kimchi in lettuce wraps

Nine grain rice

Salted roasted seaweed

The nine grain rice sounded intriguing on the menu, and turned out to be a fabulous side dish. I loved the multitude of textures and wrapping the rice in the seaweed.

Fried rice cakes with pork floss

After getting past the original kick of spice, I could not stop eating these. These were crisp on the outside and chewy and dense on the inside. 


Busan style doughnuts with black sesame parfait

Korean tea

This was an interesting tea - quite sweet and with rice still in the pot. There was a hint of ginger and it was perfect for warming up in the cold weather.

Kakawa chocolates

These were incredible. Almond soy praline with roast soy powder and chilli dark chocolate ganache. 

Overall, a very enjoyable meal which ventured outside the standard Korean restaurant fare. A place I'd definitely be keen to re-visit and try out some of the other dishes.

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chocolatesuze said...

i want that fried chicken, i NEED that fried chicken.

Karen N said...

fried chicken was SO GOOD!